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Sierra Nevada Community Sailing is a volunteer-based, non-profit educational charity. We are NOT a yacht or a country club.

We provide a valuable service to the community – not just recreation for a bunch of sailors.

YOUR help is needed to support to this valuable community resource. Lend a hand to spread the load.

Below is a list of different areas in which support is needed. Pick your categories and send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator

Adaptive program Reach out to the community of disabled/challenged individuals and provide opportunities for sailing on our regular and specialized fleet of boats.
Attorney To date we have not had the need for legal help but it would be good to have an attorney available.
Events Races, Picnics, etc. invent, develop and organize to encourage participation by the public and members.
Facilitators Provide member access to the boats and equipment. Unlock dock gate, boats, and dock boxes to enable members to use the boats. Run the safety boat?
Fund Raiser Currently SNCS has one fund raising activity per year a Crab Crack. Lots of help is needed for the Crab Crack. Additional fundraising would allow us to expand our activities
Maintenance The boats, trailers, and dock all need to be maintained.
Membership Recruitment, records, and renewals.
Organization Recruit coordinate and direct volunteers.
PR/Advertising Increase public knowledge of the who, what, and where of Sierra Nevada Community Sailing. If you have experience in PR or advertising and appropriate contacts in the area, we NEED your help.
Recorder Maintain paper records and on Google Drive/Docs. Keep boat and trailer registrations, and inventory records current.
Sales We periodically have excess equipment such as donated boats and trailers. SNCS is a non-profit and provides instruction scholarships to deserving youth. So, we need to maximize our income sources.
Sponsorship Recruitment/Enhancement of sponsors. SNCS has a number of SPONSORS. We wish to expand the list and increase the contributions from existing sponsors.
Trustee The Trustees are elected and collectively oversee the activities, finances, and direction of SNCS. Sign up if you wish to be considered for nomination to become a member of the Board of Trustees.


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